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Sunday, January 31, 2010

About My Business

As a business owner I have had the opportunity to work in many homes and businesses. As a small business owner I’ve discovered the word professional has many meanings. Applying wall coatings and ceiling coatings involves a high level of expertise and product knowledge. When a home owner pays a painting contractor that does not make the painter a professional. A professional stays up to date on technological advances in paint, knows which products are high quality and has knowledge of the use of color in complimenting the design of your home or business.

A professionally applied wall covering involves color selection, what type of paint or finish, what primers are best suited for the job, what type of brushes, roller covers and preparation. Your home should reflect your ideas, not the tradesman’s. Part of my job is to suggest colors and finishes, not make the final decisions.

A close working relationship with each customer means work will be done with efficiency, cost effectiveness and your best interest in mind. It’s your home and you should enjoy the improvements you have made.

My company uses only the finest quality paints, stains and varnishes. I prefer to work with Benjamin Moore (BM) products when it comes to paint. Aura, a new product line by BM has revolutionized the paint industry.

AURA paint is part of an innovative colorant system integrating the best technologies to deliver superior durability for any color along with the promise of long lasting beauty. In addition to using 100% acrylic latex, proprietary resins have been incorporated to give the product its extraordinary performance properties. This line of paint was developed through the use of waterborne technologies and produces lower VOC’s than other paints. Additionally, Aura stands up well in damp environments, baths and kitchens, and resists mildew.

EcoSpec paint - This quality paint contains low VOCs (volatile organic compounds), those stinky fumes that give you headaches, help deplete the ozone layer, and cause indoor air pollution. Pristine EcoSpec is ideal for homeowners who seek an easier way to decorate their homes. Its faster drying and no lingering odor make it perfect for kid's rooms or for people with allergies.

Natura paint- This product is a premium quality, zero VOC paint that provides a durable, washable and fade-resistant finish. Natura Interior Waterborne is ideally suited for residential applications. Unlike conventional 0 VOC paints, Natura remains 0 VOC after tinting which means it remains virtually odorless regardless of color.

What are VOC’s? Volatile Organic Compounds are carbon-containing chemical compounds that readily evaporate into the atmosphere. Common examples of things that emit VOCs into the atmosphere include gasoline, mineral spirits, alcohol, nail polish, and paint.

In addition to painting, we restore old wood paneling, strip old paint from wood work, repair old plaster, remove wallpaper, stain and finish wood trim and other decorative features of a structure. We also restore wood decks.

We work in northern New Jersey, and the surrounding metro area.

Rokel painting is fully insured and registered with the State of New Jersey.

All estimates are free.

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