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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Craftsman Bungalow, 100 yrs. of Style-(before renovation)

This Arts and Crafts Bungalow is located in N/E Bergen County, New Jersey. The dwellingsowner purchased it as an income property. The Arts and Crafts Movement is an American architectural, interior design, and decorative arts style popular from the last years of the 19th century through the early years of the 20th century.

As a design movement in housing, its popularity remained strong until the 1930s. As a decorative art it continues to experience numerous revivals until the present day.

This American movement was also a domestic design reform movement that encouraged originality, simplicity of form, local natural materials, and the visibility of handicraft, and was concerned with affordable modest homes, but, also enhancing the rapidly expanding American middle class.

The style incorporated locally handcrafted wood, glass, and metal work that is both simple and elegant.

These photos show the project before the renovations were completed. The after photos will show the transformation and the owners efforts to stay true to the style of the home.

The front entrance way was dismal and worn. The raised
wood panel/wainscotting was intact in several rooms of the dwelling.
The walls throughout the dwelling are cement with a slight texture to them. many of the walls needed exentsive repairs.

The foyer.
A good look at the wood panels, wood trim and picture rail moulding.
You can see there were more than painters working here. All of the renovation s were made by All Points Construction & Home Inspections, owned by Mike Amendola.

This is the large window in the living room. Again, the wood panel surrounds the room. Under the window is a wood panel enclosure for the large radiators and a built in window seat.

Another view of the living room. the french doors lead out to a small
pation in the front of the dwelling. The large fireplace is all brick and functional.

A good view of the french doors and wood panels.

This is a small room just off the living room. Small, but it has three doors.
Radiators are found throughout the
entire dwelling. The owner left these in the dwelling.

The dinning room. A classic craftsman! Built in china cabinet, raised wood panels, and a nice size. Unfortunately, the wood panels had been painted numerous times.

The dinning room french doors lead to a screened porch. The
window is the same as the window in the living room.

The first floor bath. So bad it was demolished!

The master bedroom. A big room which needed alot of work.

Extensive repairs were made to the walls. Paint was scraped
from the windows, a labor intensive ordeal.

This is another bedroom on the first floor. Again, extensive repairs to the walls.
Take special note of the doors. Each of the painted doors in the project were
sanded, some were stripped, and many had to be repaired. Some of the styles
and rails were disassembled, glued and strengthened with 3" screws. 
(18 painted doors) 

This window had multiple layers of paint removed. Plenty of sanding
on all wood work throughout the project. All door and window trim, base boards
and mouldings were sanded by hand and with electric sanders. Every inch!!!

The kitchen was demolished. Only the radiator was kept.

The stairs to the second floor. Sanding was the task of the day.

This is a small room on the second floor. Again, repairs to walls,
sanding wood work and fixing doors.

The adjoining bath on the second floor. Only the tub was kept.

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