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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wallpaper Prep work

There are a few things home owners should do before hanging wallpaper. I would suggest cleaning the walls with TSP to remove dirt and grease. then repair any damaged ares so you a consistent smooth surface. Then the most important step, I suggest using an application of a high quality alkyd based primer, maybe even a second coat. The alkyd based primer will not react with the latex glue. Then higher a professional paper hanger to do the application. As an interior painter I cannot tell you how many times I have removed wallpaper and found it applied directly to the wall board or plaster. The removal process causes damage to the walls and then there is an additional cost of having the walls skim coated before painting. In some extreme cases the wall board has to be removed and new sheet rock installed. The primer seals the wall board and protects it from the water and paste remover. It is not alot of prep work, and it can save you alot of money in the future when you become tired of the paper.

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