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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Teaneck,Bergen County, NJ, Colonial 1920-ish

This job involved the removal of wallpaper in three areas all connected to the kitchen. Fortunately, this area had been renovated, so no old plaster walls & no surprises, maybe 15 yrs. ago. The paper was applied by a professional and the walls underneath had been prepared properly.
The removal of the paper, took 1 1/2 days for 4 workers. Some of the paper came off in large pieces, most came off in relatively small pieces. Once all the paper was gone, the walls were washed with a gel and water mixture to remove the paste. Then the walls were washed with warm water and TSP.  The work was left for 24 hours to dry. This left a very clean surface.

Then, prep work. All cracks, nail holes and some open wallboard seams were repaired. With sanders, 3 workers used a variety of sand paper grits to sand all surfaces smooth. In fact, very smooth. The sanders are equipped with small vacuum bags, but the place looked like a snow storm. Note: all openings to other room were sealed with plastic to contain the dust.

The walls and ceiling surfaces were vacuumed, then dusted with a special mop head to remove the remaining dust. Once this was done, the floor areas were vacuumed. Then we unwrapped the wood cabinets and appliances. At the end of the day, all appliances, cabinets and counter tops were washed down. In fact the work area was cleaned thoroughly every day.
In future pics, these cabinets went through a rejuvenation process. These current pics show the work with one coat of alkyd based primer applied. Alkyd based primers I find work best to seal the walls and will not reactivate any small particles of paste which may have remained.

There will be more to follow as the job progresses. GC, Mike Amendola will have his company installing new closet doors, trim and flooring. Mike owns, All Points Construction and  Home Inspections.

The kitchen ceiling is flat white. the walls have two applications of Benjamin Moore Regal matte finish, Colonial Blue. Unfortunately the cabinet hardware is on back order. Maybe a pic will be published later of the re-finished cabinets. All re-finishing was done  by Rokel.
The powder room had paper and when removed, stains were in the plaster. All stains were sealed with shellac and then a coat of alkyd based primer. The finish application has two coats of matte finish, BM color, Heaven on Earth. All trim in this room is semi-gloss white.
The trim and doors are finished with BM Aura semi-gloss. A very durable paint.
All of the construction work, flooring, trim and new doors was completed by, All Points Construction, Bergen County, NJ.
This addition to the home was completed in 1987(kitchen and breakfast area). The home owners, Barbara and Jeff used this space every day. The kitchen cabinets were worn looking from constant use. This is the family kitchen and gathering place! All of the wood cabinets were restored by Rokel painting.
In addition to the carpentry work, painting, cabinet restoration, the owner also installed a new dish washer and new lighting in the powder room.
Overall, the area looks like new! It was a pleasure working with these home owners.

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  1. As the homeowners for this job, we were really impressed with the professionalism and attantion to detail that Steve Vreeland and his crew provided. He kept us informed of his progress, were pleasant to "live with", and kept to his schedule and estimate. Our refurbished kitchen looks like new, and we have had many positive comments about how it looks!