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Friday, October 14, 2011

Lead Dust EPA Changes

If you are planning a renovation project, there are a few things a homeowner/business owner needs to know about lead paint. The USEPA implemented new laws and guideline for contractors over two years ago. All contractors who perform work that will disturb lead paint need to be certified. This means all states, all contractors.

 The new requirements include notification to property owners and occupants before work begins of the potential hazards from lead-based paint disturbed during the project, certification of renovation companies, implementation of work practice standards for controlling lead-based paint dust, post-renovation cleanup requirements and post-renovation cleaning verification.

            If you own a structure built before 1978, there is probably lead paint somewhere in the structure. A simple test can be performed and the findings documented according to law, before any work starts. My company can perform these tests and provide you with the necessary information you need when hiring a contractor. Lead dust is most dangerous to children, pregnant women and others. Lead is a very dangerous toxin that can cause seizures or death.

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