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Saturday, March 10, 2012

VFW Post 5702, Franklin Lakes, NJ

VFW Post 5702
This building was constructed in 1979. The paneling on the walls is knotty pine. In order to change the look, a renovation took place over a two week period. The original space is depicted in the next photos,

The first step was the removal of all the military memorabilia.

Once this was completed, the pine paneling was cleaned with a wood cleaner. Next, all the knots were sealed with Binz Shellac based alkyd primer. This product prevents bleed through from the knots. When the primer dried all of the knot holes, screw holes, misc. small holes and some large checks in the paneling were spackled with Crack Shot. This process took a long time to complete.

When the spackle dried, the sanding started. You can see a cut off point on the wall, this is where the chair rail will be installed. below the rail, the wood will be restored. When the sanding was completed, each spackled area was coated with Benjamin Moore Enamel Underbody primer. This is an alkyd based product. The reason each spot was primed is the primer tends to be absorbed by the spackle. Once the spots dried, the entire wall above the chair rail had the same primer applied. By applying the second coat, the finish tends to be more even or uniform looking.

The next step was to apply the first coat of the finish color. We used Benjamin Moore Select line in an eggshell finish. The color is AF 690, Metropolitan. The finish was chosen because the hall is available for rentals. The eggshell finish cleans more easily than matte finish.

The photos below shows the upper wall areas completed along with the chair rail installed. The rail was installed by Tom, who is a bit of a perfectionist. No mitered corners had to be caulked! Nice and tight.

The rail, doors and door trim were finished with Benjamin Moore Aura, satin finish.

The above picture shows the fireplace insert. This is a non-working fireplace. The insert and the back board were re-painted with Rust-o-leum black. The eagle was re-painted with an arts&craft brand of paint.
The bar is complete. Compare this to one of the photos of the bar before work started. The bar area was not being used, other than a counter space.

The entire project took about 9 days to complete.

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