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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Allendale NJ Lemonade Porch Renewal

This house and porch are 100+ years old. Although structurally sound, the porch was in need of some tlc. Several years ago the porch had been painted, but the paint failed on the columns and balustrade.
The first step was to strip the failing paint.

Prior to start of work.
Note the worn looking decking.

The stripping took approx. 1.5 days for three people. All the failing paint was removed, some older paint remained. Most of the columns are original to the structure. Next came the sanding of the columns and balustrade.


The sanding was tedious, trying to feather out paint lines and areas where the wood had been repaired. Some fillers had been used as well as dutchmans.
** A Dutchman is a wood patch which replaces a damaged or missing area of any wood object. The procedure involves removing a symmetrical, squared area around the defect and replacing it with new wood. It is best to use wood of the same species, grain pattern and color as the original. An ideal Dutchman repair would use a piece of the damaged board for the patch.

The porch area was cleaned thoroughly, then primed. We used Benjamin Moore Fresh Start Alkyd Exterior primer. This is a fast drying primer with excellent adhesion properties.


The primer is applied to the columns and balustrade. Now the finish application of white. We used Benjamin Moore MoorGlo Exterior latex soft-gloss white. This paint has superior adhesion and excellent resistance to chalking.

The next step was the decking. This took longer than planned, rain for a day. Finally some dry weather, the decking dried out and the alkyd based primer could be applied. The primer was quick drying, good thing, it rained for 4 days. When the decking finally dried we were able the apply the finish application.

The deck was finished with Benjamin Moore Alkyd based high gloss enamel.

The side view, nice clean white. A very traditional look. The ceiling boards were also finished in
soft-gloss exterior white.

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