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Friday, November 16, 2012

1950's Dresser, renewed!

The new home owners found this dresser at a garage sale. It will be part of a 50's styled room. A little work and it's ready for many more years.

First the unit was cleaned thoroughly using denatured alcohol to remove fingerprints and wax build up. Below, the doors and drawer fronts were also cleaned.

After cleaning, the sanding began. All surfaces were sanded using 80 grit to 320 grit.

After sanding the entire unit was made dust free.

To start, an application of tinted alkyd based primer (Benjamin Moore Enamel Underbody) was applied. Once dry, a mild sanding and cleaning and then the second coat of primer was applied.
The drawer fronts have the first finish coat applied. Benjamin Moore high gloss, alkyd based, Impervo paint was used. The black drawer fronts are painted with Benjamin Moore Aura pearl finish.

 Multiple coats of high gloss were applied. In between each coat the entire unit was sanded lightly with 320 grit paper. Then thoroughly cleaned before paint was applied

The finished unit in place. The color of the dresser is (BM) #734, Tropical Teal. This room will soon be painted with (BM) #731, Surf City.

The room will have a matte finish on the walls and ultra flat white ceiling paint.

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