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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Yawpo Deck Rejuvenation

 This was a renovation project on a deck constructed of pressure treated lumber. The deck is at least 15 years old. Although structurally sound, many small repairs were made over the years by the prior owner of the home. Unfortunately, someone chose to just add screws, often times more than necessary, as an easy fix. The new home owners realized it was time to rejuvenate this deck for their young family to use.

When they purchased the house two years ago the deck has a new coat of stain on it. It looked good. Over the past two years the stain peeled off an exposed some wood rot. The stain application was improperly applied and failed. The trap door built into the deck was unsafe. This door leads to a stairwell for access to an exterior door to the basement. The trap door was constructed well, however, the hinges and the recessed pull had screws which kept tearing out of the wood. The door is heavy and the metal pieces were attached with one inch screws.

The bench seat had splinters and was badly checking. *Checking is cracks in the wood, caused by the surface of a piece of wood drying and shrinking faster than the core of the wood. Causes for checking result are rain, freezing/ice and damage from impact.

The deck has two sets of steps. The main set of stairs were pulling away from the beam and the steps were being supported by the railings and posts. The secondary steps were improperly supported by the stringers. Someone had damaged the leading edge of stringers which support the stair treads.

After meeting with the owners a decision was made on what steps to take in order for them to have a useful outdoor living space at an affordable price.

The project would include removing the old bench seat, adding new side rails, reinforcing the steps, make the trap door safe and add a new coating to all surfaces.

The Benjamin Moore products used are listed below;

Multi-Purpose Oil Based Primer (024)

·                           Engineered to suppress most stains
·                           Excellent adhesion and hiding
·                           Quick drying & re-coat in one hour
·                           Minimal odor

ARBORCOAT Solid Deck and Siding Stain (640)

·                           Ideal for pressure-treated lumber, cedar and redwood
·                           Excellent color retention and durability
·                           Excellent flow and leveling
·                           Self-priming on most substrates
·                           Premium-quality product with excellent resistance to blistering and peeling
·                           Unsurpassed resistance to mildew growth on the stain film

The following photographs depict the deck prior to the start of work.

The work began with the removal of debris which usually accumulates on decks. Then nails were reset and the sanding began. Using belt sanders and orbital sanders all surfaces were sanded. This process utilized 50/80 and 120 grit paper. This removed all lose/peeling stain and leveled some high spots on the deck boards.

The deck was cleaned off, loose nails which had been removed were replaced with 2 ½ or 3” screws. Next the patch work with epoxy began. Some rotted or splintered wood was removed with a hammer and chisel. Deck rejuvenation is a labor intensive job!

Once the epoxy dried, sanding continued. The work area was cleaned off again, then oil based primer was applied.


Once the primer cured overnight, the application of the finish coats began. The color chosen is called Light Maple, by Certain Teed siding. The owners chose this color to coordinate with the new siding and trim to be applied to the house.

The first coat was completed and allowed to cure overnight. Prior to applying the second application of stain, the new metal brackets for the main steps and trap door were installed. These items were installed using construction screws. These items were fabricated by;

DRS Welding Service, LLC, P.O. Box 325, Oakland, NJ 07436

Phone: 201 669 1076

The following morning the deck was cleaned off for application of the second and final stain application. The last application was applied with brushes for a smooth finish.

This deck has many more years of use by this family. We wish Vic and Gina the best of luck with thier future home renovations.

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