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Monday, June 10, 2013

Tar and Chip Driveway

Tar and chip driveways offer a more solid surface than plain gravel They also have a rough texture, which makes for much better footing when wet or snow covered.

The expression "tar and chip" refers to asphalt (liquid form) and stone.

McFarlane Asphalt
Ramsey, New Jersey

 There really is no regular maintenance required of a tar and chip driveway. Unlike asphalt, it doesn't have to be sealed every year or so. That's the good news. On the other hand, snow removal can create problems. If you use a snowplow to clear the driveway, it can damage the surface. For best results, make sure that the plow rides just above the driveway. You can remove this leftover snow with a shovel, or just wait for it to melt away.

 1st coating liquid asphalt

Building a tar and chip driveway is a pretty simple process. First, as with most driveway materials, a gravel base is installed. Second, approximately 2” of asphalt is installed. The asphalt was in place for about a month before the finishing steps began. The asphalt base layer was the method our contractor uses. Some do not.

1st coating is applied with a hand held wand

Then, hot liquid asphalt is poured over the asphalt. This is followed by a coating of loose stones, which are spread by hand, then, rolled into the asphalt to form the finish surface. 

Tar and chip can be installed over existing driveway materials provided they are in reasonably good shape. 

Last, a second coat of liquid asphalt was applied and a second coating of stone chips were rolled in. Again, this is the method used by our contractor.

We chose a gray slate color which is similar to the walkways at our house. Our choice for this type of driveway was selected because it blends better with the style of our home. Other driveways look to modern. You can choose among different colors of stones to create a unique surface.
One problem with building a tar and chip driveway, however, is that there aren't a lot of contractors who specialize in this type of work. And it's certainly not a DIY type of project. Before getting too committed to using tar and chip on your own driveway, do some Internet hunting to see if you can find someone in your area with the necessary experience and equipment.
The contractor, Dave McFarlane, was onsite for the entire job. From our first meeting, Dave was on time, professional and very personable. His employees did a fine job and had a friendly disposition. The entire job site was cleaned up at the completion of the job. I would strongly recommend this company for  your paving needs.

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