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Friday, January 24, 2014

Kitchen Cabinets Refinished

This house was purchased about a year ago. The owners did some painting in several rooms to create their personal touch. Next, there were two choices, redo the entire kitchen or have the space painted and the cabinets refurbished. They chose painting. Although this treatment is not cheap, it is much less than a complete kitchen reno.

The cabinets, installed by the previous owner were oak with a dark stain. Time had taken its toll. The first step was to use a chemical de-glosser to remove the sheen. Next, remove all doors and drawers for sanding and repair.

Fine Paints of Europe have their U.S. Headquarters in Woodstock, Vt. The products are manufactures in Holland.
After the repairs were made, applications of brushing putty were applied. This product is excellent for filling small cracks and concealing grain patterns. Oak has a very ruff grain which is difficult to paint. This product is alkyd based and takes approximately 16 hours to dry hard. Once dried completely, sanding with 220 grit paper is completed. Then, if small cracks are present, a second coat is applied. When dry, sanded again. The result is a very smooth surface. Once this strep is complete, all surfaces are coated with alkyd based prime. We use Zinnser B-I-N, a synthetic shellac primer. BIN is an excellent stain blocker.

All cabinet frames, boxes and drawers are ready for paint. This is 3 days into the job. The prep work is time consuming but pays off.

The cabinets were painted with Benjamin Moore Aura, semi-gloss. The color is Lamb Skin, OC-3. Three finish applications were performed. This took 2 days. Once the painting was completed we installed the pulls and knobs.

The walls were painted with Benjamin Moore Regal Select, matte finish. The color is Bradstreet Beige, HC-48. The doors and trim were finished with RS semi-gloss white. The ceiling was finished with Benjamin Moore Ultra Flat Ceiling paint, color white.

This type of reno can give your kitchen a new look and it's a good alternative to a total renovation.

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