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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Oakland decks spring 2014

Here are a few of the decks we have renovated in Oakland N.J. this spring. All of the decks were finished with Benjamin Moore products from their Arborcoat line of stain.

This is the Ramapo Valley Road deck. We replaced about 120' of boards and sanded the old finish off. The finish applications were solid stain on the railing system and semi-solid on the deck boards. The semi-solid was finished with a clear coat. The color is Fresh Brew.

This is a deck which is raised about 15' off the ground. We had renovated this deck about 31/2 years ago. Over the past winter many boards were damaged by ice. Large checks in the boards caused wood rot from the moisture. We replaced over 300' of boards. After some prep work, most of the deck boards and some of the railing were re-coated. This is a solid stain, color is Hidden Valley.

This is the Reserve Deck. There is an upper and lower level. The finish had failed on this deck over the winter. We stripped off the old finish, used a cleaner to remove all stripping debris and sanded the deck boards. The railing system was refinished after some prep. All of the stain was solid stain. The color is Oxford Brown.

All of the products used on these projects were purchased at Pete and John's Paint Market in Oakland N.J.

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