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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hawthorne Porch reno

This porch and steps were in need of repair. The deck boards had turned a very dark brown from grime and multiple layers of clear coat. In the first and second picture a portion of the decking can be seen. Also involved with this job was rebuilding the front steps. The old treads and risers were worn and dried out. Many of the treads had splitting which ran the entire length of the boards. Once the old boards were removed an other problem was discovered. The center stringers had begun to rot. In addition, the concrete pad had sunken. Using 2"x 6" pressured treated lumber the stringers were reinforced and made level.

The project also included the refinishing of the french doors. First, strip most of the old paint off of the doors. I would estimate at least a dozen layers were removed. Next came the sanding. We also removed all of the old paint from the glass. The next item was stripping the paint off of the two columns. (Railings are vinyl) After the paint was removed the columns were sanded smooth.
The doors and columns then had Benjamin Moore Fresh Start, exterior grade, primer applied. Then two application of Regal Select Soft-gloss white, exterior grade.

Note: new blocking on center stringers and lower step.
The vertical blocking rests on the concrete pad. Each piece
was cut to level each step.
The deck boards were sanded with 60  and 80 grit paper. Once cleaned, Benjamin Moore Arborcoat, natural clear, was applied. The above picture shows the finished deck boards.

The new steps are 2"x 6" cedar. This will last for a very long time. The cedar wood was darkened with Benjamin Moore Aborcoat, semi-transparent stain. The color is Fresh Brew. A final application of clear was applied.
                     The permit was issued thru the Boro of Hawthorne. The steps passed inspection.

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