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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Teaneck Brick Cottage

This front porch had seen better days. The owners contracted with Mike Amendola, All Points Construction, of Wyckoff, NJ. 201.887.7473. Mike and his guys tore off the old porch, replaced all the beams and installed 2 steel headers. All of the posts and balustrade are constructed with cedar. All stain, varnish, paint and supplies were purchased at Pete and John's Paint Market. http://www.peteandjohnspaintmarket.com/
 We sanded all of the wood surfaces, taking care to keep the crisp edges.
 After sanding, all of the wood surfaces were wiped with wood cleaner.
 This is a hole from a nail gun. Too many to count.
All of the holes (except on the ceiling) were filled
with walnut colored putty.

 The ceiling was primed with Benjamin Moore Fresh Start exterior grade primer.
The finish coats are Honolulu Blue, BM MoorGlo, low lustre (exterior grade paint.
 The stain color is American Walnut by Old Masters. 
This application was done with a gel stain.
 Using gel stain enables you to apply multiple coats to achieve an even color.
The first coat of varnish is applied. I use McCloskey's Spar Varnish. The finish is semi-gloss
 It provides superior durability with maximum UV protection 
which prevents weather damage, resists cracking, peeling,
 and resists water. 
 The second coat of varnish is applied. Between coats a light sanding was performed.

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