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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mahogany Deck

This deck is approximately 12+ years old. It is constructed of mahogany, including decking, stairs and balustrade. The supporting structure is pressure treated lumber. It is uncommon to find a deck constructed with such fine wood.
This deck was refinished about 10 years ago. The sun is on the deck for a good 10 hours a day. Adding rain, snow, dust and pollen, the finish had faded and worn away in areas.

The first two pictures show the condition before we started. The mahogany stain was faded and there were gray weathered spots. Removing the old stain and weathered spots was done by sanding. We removed just about all of the old finish. There were some stains that would not come out. After two full days of machine sanding and sanding all balusters by hand, the deck was transformed back to natural wood color.

 The deck looks like new wood. This type of work is labor intensive, but, make a world of difference.
 Taking the old finish off a deck can be done in two ways, stripping and sanding or by sanding alone. Stripping works best on semi-solid or solid stains. Deck stripping products also work well when there are multiple oil based clear coats that have turned black. Both processes take time and hard work.

The next step was brushing  and wiping the stain. We used Benjamin Moore Semi Transparent oil based stain. (Arborcoat) The color is mahogany. The semi transparent stain allows the wood grain to show through.
                        The mahogany color is rich looking and enhances the natural grain of the wood.
                                                    The dark spots on the deck is wet stain.
To keep your deck looking good, wash it down with a hose, use a blower to remove debris. Power washing is not recommended unless you use a very low pressure setting. I rarely power wash decks. I prefer to use quality cleaners and a good brush and rinse with a hose..
All products for this job were purchased at Pete and John's Paint Market, Oakland, NJ.

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