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Friday, May 8, 2015

Mahogany Doors, Oakland, NJ

The owners of this home purchased these doors about 10 years ago. Four years ago they had the doors refinished. Since then the family got a dog. As the dog grew he began scratching on the doors. The lower parts of both doors suffered a lot of damage. Most of the damage was on the stiles and rails. There were numerous scratches and some better described as gouges (about 1/8 inch deep). There were also some cracks in the panels.

The doors are solid mahogany. The doors are about 2 inches thick. The finish is Sikkens Stain, mahogany color. This stain is applied in 2 steps, a pre-coat and a finish coat. In order to match the color on the doors, multiple layers were applied, brushed out and some wiping with lint free cloth.

We began sanding with 80 grit paper. The finish sanding was done by hand with fine grit blocks. The cracks in the panels were filled with mahogany colored filler. We paid special attention to avoid leaving low areas in the rails and stiles. If the sanding was too aggressive the doors would not meet correctly, the sharp edges would be rounded and then the doors are ruined. Using power sanders is tricky, too much and you are buying new doors for the client.Taking your time gives you a finished product which looks great.

                       All products and supplies were purchased through Pete and John's Paint Market.

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