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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Multi color mahogany doors

This job was another front entrance way that needed re-finishing. All of the door components were mahogany. Mahogany varies in color from pale pink, to blonde, to reddish brown and brown. Mahogany works well for both interior and exterior doors. 
As with all building materials, there are pros and cons to choosing mahogany doors.
Like all wood, mahogany requires a bit more maintenance than other building materials that don’t need to be periodically re-stained or resealed. Many homeowners believe it's worth the extra effort, given that wood is more energy efficient than steel and aluminum. 

These doors were well constructed, with heavy duty hinges and hardware. The problem was three different colors of mahogany. With the color variations also comes different grain patterns. The home owner wanted an even color tone on the doors and trim.
After sanding the colors are evident.
prior to removing old finish.

prior to removing old finish

The first step was to clean the doors to remove dust, dirt and other unwanted substances. Next the sanding, with a variety of grits. The doors and related trim took 3 workers about 2 1/2 days. All of the trim was sanded by hand, no machines due to the intricate profiles in the wood. Just a note, the trim was also mahogany. Many layers of clear coat had to be removed.

Once the sanding was completed wood cleaner was used and a wood conditioner was applied. Min wax wood conditioner  Specifically designed for use before staining to help prevent streaking and blotching and help ensure a beautiful, even stain color.

The stain application involved some trial and error. A blend of cedar and dark mahogany stain was used. Gel stain was used for the color blending. Gel stain wipes on and is easy to manipulate color. Some of the lighter tones received more color than the dark wood. The color of the wood and the grain play a big part in stain application. The blending went on for awhile until a color was to the owner's liking. Then the process of matching all of the wood components. Two days of stain application and then the clear coat applications.

For the interior side, Varathane was used. (3 applications) A transparent, non yellowing finish with maximum scratch and stain resistance. Provides tough protection over interior stained, painted and or bare wood surfaces. Water-based formula makes this product safe to use and easy to apply. Very low odor.

For the exterior, mcCloskey's Man-O-War, Spar Varnish. This is a fantastic tung-oil-based marine-grade varnish, suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Provides excellent protection from weathering and the elements, including UV rays and salt water. Ideal for boats, outdoor furniture, exterior doors, sills and more. Superior to polyurethane because it is flexible enough to expand with the wood, resists cracking and peeling, and adheres well to oily woods like teak and mahogany. 





This project took a total of 74 man hours over six days. This type of work is time consuming and patience is need. At the end the doors and trim have an even sheen and color.

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