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Friday, June 3, 2016

Wyckoff Dutch Colonial 1920

This house was built in the 1920's and is commonly referred to as a Dutch Colonial Revival. The main structure is original. Over the years some additions to the house have been added.

The Dutch Colonial Revival, without question, is one of the prettiest and most varied house styles built during the 20th century. It was very popular through the 1920's but became rarer during the 1930's.

Dutch Colonial Revival Characteristics

  • 1 ½ to 2 stories
  • Gambrel roof is distinguishing feature, sometimes seen with flared eaves
  • Siding may be wood clapboard or shingle, brick, stone
  • Fa├žade may be symmetrical, but it's common to see side entries and balanced asymmetry
  • Gable-end chimneys
  • Decorative windows in gable end
  • Porch under overhanging eaves, occasionally running the full width of the house
  • Entry may have a decorative hood with brackets or portico with classically-styled columns
  • Windows are multi-light such as six-over-one, six-over-six, or eight-over-eight
  • Shed, hipped, or gable dormers

Cedar shakes,bead board eave soffits and of course the stone work. prior to starting the job the owners had some repairs made, mostly replacing decayed wood. Our first job was to scrape and sand the painted finishes. Once that part of the job was completed, we began caulking, applying epoxy to some damaged ares and repairing the sun burst pediments over the gable windows.The pediments has suffered greatly from the weather. Extensive repairs were made including re-nailing the fans.

All of the shutters were removed, repaired and sanded. 

The original color of the house was a light beige with white trim.

Benjamin Moore Fresh Start (exterior) Primer was applied to the repaired areas. The new color for the body of the house is Lamp Black CW695, soft gloss. The cedar shakes had BM High Build exterior grade paint applied. This is a dark gray color. In the picture below it appears to be two different shades of gray. In fact, it is the sun light reflecting off dry paint and wet paint.

All of the trim, eave soffits, rake fascia, windows and trim were finished with BM High Build exterior grade paint. The color is white, soft gloss.

The eave soffits on this house extend about 4 ft. from the house. The boards pictured above appeared to be original to the house. These areas were scraped, sanded, caulked and primed. The shutters are finished with BM Regal Select exterior grade soft gloss. The color is black.
The stucco and T1-11 siding were finished with Regal Select exterior grade paint in a soft gloss finish.

The front door was painted with BM Regal Select soft gloss exterior grade paint. The color is Chesapeake Blue CW595

All of the products used on this job were purchased from Pete and John's Paint Market, 400 Ramapo Valley Rd, Oakland, NJ 07436. Phone:(201) 337-0233

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