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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ramsey Colonial

This house is a fifty year old center hall colonial. The original design is a classic in American style. The trim details in this house included crown, chair rail and wainscoting. All of the trim profiles were classic colonial. The prior owners had added very low quality trim details which detracted from the classic design of the home. Plus, the prior owner had little to no carpentry skills. All of the inexpensive trim was removed by the new owners. The removal created alot of damage to the walls, the remaining trim and ceilings.

Nail pops! In many homes sheet rock was nailed to the framing. Over time the nails loosen and make dimples in the sheet rock surface. Each nail has to be reset. In this project there were hundreds of pops on the walls and ceilings.

During the removal of the DIY trim the walls were damaged due to excessive nails and glue. The wall area below the crown had to be re-coated with joint compound and sanded.

In addition to the spackle work, all of the remaining trim had to caulked. Old dried caulk was removed and new caulk applied. The new caulk makes for a smooth transition between the walls and trim. The crown was also re-caulked.
The prior owners had no skills in painting. The were drips and runs in the paint which had to be sanded smooth. Every wall and ceiling in this project was sanded smooth before primer was applied. The prep work on a job is the most important aspect of painting. Time and patience pay off once you start to apply the new finish.
The photos in this article only depict two rooms. The project included five rooms overall. The same type of work was done in each room.

All paint is from Benjamin Moore.
The colors in the dining room; Capitol White, CW10, Ultra Flat ceiling paint. The trim is, Capitol White, CW10, semi-gloss, Regal Select.
The color for the upper walls is a custom mix similar to a sage color. The finish is matte.

The living room has Capitol White, CW10, Ultra Flat ceiling paint. The trim is, Capitol White, CW10, semi-gloss, Regal Select. The walls are Light Pewter, #1464, matte finish, Regal Select.

The primer used on this project was Fresh Start, latex, high hide, #046.All of the paint and supplies were purchased at, PETE and JOHN'S PAINT MARKET, 400 RAMAPO VALLEY ROAD OAKLAND NJ  PHONE: 201-337-0233 FAX: 201-337-9314.

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